1. ruthieconomist:

    Tearjerker (level up)… :’( *sniff, sniff* <wipe tears>

    Favey part of the movie…

    P.S. At talagang puro drama ung nagustuhan noh. :P


    Irene: Sa tingin mo, bakit kaya? Bakit kaya niya ako iniwan? Sabi mo, masayahin naman ako. Sabi mo, maganda naman ako. Mabait. E bakit iniwan pa din niya ako?

    Apollo: Baka natakot siya.

    Irene: Tangina naman oh, un lang?

    Apollo: Baka pakiramdam niya nagmadali siya.

    Irene: E tarantado pala siya e, bakit niya ako niyaya magpakasal.

    Apollo: Sigurado madami siyang dahilan, kahit naman ako matatakot din ako e.

    Irene: Saan?

    Apollo: Sayo?

    Irene: Sakin? Ano, kasalanan ko pa?

    Apollo: Hindi, natatakot siya para sayo. Kasi baka mas masaktan ka kung tinuloy niya un.

    Irene: Bullshit naman yan. Bakit sa tingin niya hindi ako nasasaktan ngayon?

    Apollo: Baka ang dami pa niyang tanong noon. Paano kung puro na lang kayo ang mangyare, paano pag nawala ang siya lang. Kung um-oo siya noon, papaano kung hindi niya kayang paninidigan?

    Irene: Ano nasagot bang mga tanong niya ha? Nasagot ba?

    Apollo: Mas hindi pala niya kaya nung nawala ka. Irene sigurado ako kung nasaan ung tao na yan, nagsisi na yan na pinakawalan ka niya, na nasaktan ka niya, Pero kung kaharap mo siya ngayon, SIgurado isa lang bagay ang hihingin niya mula sayo. Sana mapatawad mo siya.

    I’m sorry. Naduwag lang ako talaga.

    Irene <asthma attack>


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  3. moonymoony:

    On the James Soriano Thing

    His controversial article: http://mb.com.ph/articles/331851/language-learning-identity-privilege


    Recently, sumikat din tong Youtube video sa Facebook. 

    If you found this funny at all, I don’t think you can really be mad at James Soriano and not be a hypocrite at the same time.  

    I don’t think he meant to say that Filipino as a language is inherently inferior, but that today, there exists a variance in the values/significance we place in these two languages, and a vital difference in the contexts in which they are usually employed. I think to deny this would simply be an act of delusion, denial, or naivete (or more aptly, another form of being sheltered, as some people have accused James Soriano of being).

    He appreciates the unique capacity of the Filipino language to embody a distinct identity (“its own system, with its own grammar, semantics, sounds, even symbols… the language of emotion, experience, and even of learning”), but he does feel remorse that he is apparently detached from this, and merely recognizes the undeniable utility of the English language in the Philippine context (although I agree he could have asserted this in a much less careless, callous way).

    The statement “Filipino… is not the language of the learned” is not an insult to Filipino as an unintelligent/deficient language per se, but merely an observation that in this country, there is a premium placed on the mastery of the English language (in education, the professional world, etc.).

    In sum, I personally do not understand why people have become so incensed, and the only reason I can think of is that they took Soriano’s statement (“Filipino… is not the language of the learned”) as a personal accusation that they, as privileged, self-admitted learned Filipinos, do not love their own native tongue. 

    This, I can only call indulgent, self-righteous, self-absorbed tunnel vision.

    Haters, bring it on. HAHA

    Why focus on bad points rather than the good ones? Positivity people!!
  4. Blue Eagles Escape Warriors’ Late Rally for 10th Win

    I’ve been wanting to watch UE vs. Ateneo but I missed their first round meeting. I felt so lucky when I was asked the other day to cover for Men’s Basketball writer, Mikki Abello, because he had midterms. Of course I said yes! I was so excited and it will definitely be remembered.

    I love keeping tickets!

    The Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles escaped a late rally by the University of the East Red Warriors for a 74-70 win, Thursday afternoon at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The Blue Eagles remain undefeated while the Red Warriors drop to last place together with the Fighting Maroons. The Blue Eagles depended on their starters, led by player of the game, Emman Monfort, who had 13 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Rookie center Greg Slaughter had a huge comeback with 19 points.

    Kiefer Ravena started off the game for the Blue Eagles with an early bucket. Greg Slaughter took over and scored the next 6 points for the team. The last being an alley-oop jam from Niko Salva at the 5:38 mark to energize the crowd. Defense reigned as both teams missed their shots and committed turnovers. A late 3 by Warrior JR Sumido ended the quarter and gave UE the lead, 15-17.

    Coach Norman Black let second stringers, Bacon Austria, Justin Chua, Frank Golla and Tonino Gonzaga, with Ravena, start the second canto. Gonzaga quickly dropped two baskets to give Ateneo the lead early in the quarter. Austria, after completing an and-1 play, brought the lead up to 5. UE answered right back and was able to regain the lead thanks to John Noble’s trey at the 5:53 mark. The game remained close as both teams were hitting their shots. Monfort hit his only 3 point shot at the 1 minute mark but was answered by veteran Paul Zamar with his own 3 pointer. A turnover by the Blue Eagles with less than a minute left, led to a Chris Javier that brought the UE lead up to 4, 33-37. Salva tried to cut the lead but missed the last shot of the half. Halftime score was 33-37 for the UE Red Warriors.

    After a tight first half, Coach Norman Black relied on his starters to get back in the game. The Blue Eagles dominated the 3rd quarter and outscored UE, 23-12. Consecutive baskets by Ravena and Monfort started things off and tied the game at 37 in less than a minute. Ravena quickly took over for the Blue Eagles by completing back-to-back steals and buckets which gave Ateneo the lead, 41-37. UE’s defense held the Blue Eagles without a field goal for 3 minutes until Team Captain Kirk Long drained a trey at the 4:05 mark. Noble’s shot from the perimeter at the 2:25 mark would be the last field goal for the Red Warriors in the period. Golla’s basket with 14.4 seconds left ended the quarter with a 56-49 score in favor of the Blue Eagles.

    Golla, Chua, Austria and Gonzaga together with Long started the last 10 minutes of the game.The final canto of the game was a thrilling one as it started with a questionable turnover call on Kirk Long. Coach Norman Black and Long were given warnings. Chua drained a jumper to increase the lead of the Blue Eagles to 7, 58-51. Things heated up at the 8:29 mark after an altercation between Kirk Long and Lord Casajeros which led to an unsportsmanlike foul on Long and a foul on Casajeros. The Red Warriors weren’t able to capitalize on the foul as Casajeros dropped one of his free throws and the team failed to create a basket. In less than 30 seconds, another unsportsmanlike foul was called, this time on Casajeros against Chua. Chua missed both free throws but was able to score on the possession to give Ateneo a 6 point lead, 60-54. Three straight fouls by Sumang put the UE Red Warriors in the penalty still with 5:54 left in the game. Gonzaga and Slaughter split their charities after being fould by UE. An Austria foul gave UE a chance to get back at the game with Enguino hitting both free throws. But an Enguino foul allowed Monfort to easily score at the charity stripe to get the lead back to 6. The lead remained at 6 until Ravena scored at the 1:50 mark, 70-62.

    Coming from a UE timeout, Noble was left open and hit a huge 3 at the 39.7 mark to cut the lead to 5. This was followed by a costly turnover by the Blue Eagles that allowed the Warriors to bring down the lead to 2 points. But Monfort’s freethrows and Ateneo’s suffocating defense in the last seconds of the game prevented the UE Red Warriors from forcing the game into overtime.

    The Ateneo Blue Eagles will face rivals De LaSalle Green Archers this coming Sunday, August 28, to go for their 11th win in UAAP Season 74.
  5. "Lady Eagles beat DLSU, grabs 3rd win of the season"

    After back to back losses, the Ateneo de Manila Lady Eagles bounced back against the De la Salle Lady Archers, 60-53, Sunday afternoon at the Blue Eagle Gym. The Lady Eagles were led by Team Captain Sarah Mercado and Danica Jose who had 16 points each.

    Great defense from both teams kept the it a low-scoring game during the first 15 minutes of the first half. The Lady Eagles got the first possession but failed to score until Team Captain Sarah Mercado sunk both of her freethrows with 6:25 seconds left in the 1st quarter. The Lady Archers slowly built their lead until another Mercado freethrow but DLSU was still up 9-3, with 2:14 seconds left. Mercado followed up with a huge 3 to cut the lead to 3 with less than 2 minutes left in the game. The quarter ended with the Lady Archers leading by 2, 7-9.

    Both teams were held scoreless for the first 4 minutes of the 2nd quarter thanks to great defensive plays by both teams. Jose’s layup at the 5:56 mark followed by a Mercado trey put Ateneo ahead of La Salle for the first time in the game, 12-11. The team-up of Mercado and Jose, who provided all 14 points of Ateneo in the second quarter, proved to be too much for the Lady Archers. Tight defense and a fast-paced game by the Lady Eagles held the Lady Archers to only 3 points during the entire quarter, gaving them a comfortable lead at halftime, 21-13.

    The 3rd quarter was close as both teams were making their shots throughout. Offensive rebounds were no longer a problem for the Lady Eagles as they had a lot of second chance points. The Lady Archer’s looked to eat up on the lead by making back-to-back 3-pointers but were answered by Jennifer Dimaano’s and-1 play with 1:52 left in the third canto. Valerie Chua and Angelina Morales closed the quarter by making 1 free throw each. The lead remained at 8, 37-29 for the Lady Eagles.

    Samantha Ong was on fire as she opened the fourth quarter with back-to-back threes and followed by a basket by Claire Aseron. This 8-0 run by the Lady Eagles was done under 2 minutes into the 4th and prompted the Lady Archers to immediately call a timeout. Ong wasn’t done yet as she made another 3 followed by a basket by Denise Tiu. The Lady Eagles built a commanding 17-point lead still with 7:08 left in the game. It didn’t take long for the Lady Archers to fire back as they had a 8-2 run before Chua made 2 consecutive baskets with a little over 3 minutes left in the game. The Lady Eagles looked like they were going to win it as they were up 15 points, 56-41.

    The Lady Archers tried to make a run during the final 2 minutes Hannah Viterbo and Aracelie Abaca making sure their baskets go in but the Lady Eagles tightened on the defense and were able to close it out to secure their third win, 60-53.

    The Lady Eagles, now with a 3-3 win-loss record, will have their final game of the first round on Wednesday, August 10, against the University of the East Amazons, 3 pm at the Blue Eagle Gym.

    ATENEO (60): Jose 17, Mercado 16, Ong 9, Chua 6, Dimaano 5, Tiu 4, Aseron 2, Morales 1, Bo-ot 0, Javier 0
    DLSU (53): Abaca 17, Piatos 10, Viterbo 10, Ong 5, Corcuera 4, Ramos 3, Garcia 2, Wilson 2, Pineda 0, Melendres 0, Gonzales 0, Oyao 0

    2nd post for goateneo.com! So happy. I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. Will definitely cover more games!!

  6. Trendsetters: Goodbye Gino and Fran

    First thing I want to say is I REALLY LOVE THEM. I discovered Gino and Fran when I started College. My schedule revolved around my sister’s which was 7:30-4. I would listen to another tandem I extremely love, Chico and Delamar of the Morning Rush, in the morning while I listen to Jumpstart/AwesomeTwosome Gino and Fran after class. So when I heard last Thursday that Friday would be their last day together I, along with a lot of other people were shocked. How can they break up one of the funniest and natural tandems ever? I swear they were poised to succeed Chico and Delamar! :(

    I felt super sad because they were part of my College life. I might sound like a loser, bordering on loner, but those long boring car rides from Ateneo to St. Scho during rush hour changed because of them. I have too many memories of laughing so hard and feeling like you’ve known them for so long. I’ll miss Gino and Fran laughing and me wondering why Gino’s laugh is a tad bit higher than Fran’s. I’ll miss Gino sounding like the female most of the time. I’ll miss their laglagan series which was TOO fun for words. I’ll miss Fran bullying Gino. I’ll miss Gino going on and on and on about games while Fran (I’m almost sure) is ignoring him. I’ll miss the times when they were looking for dates for each other. I’ll miss how newbie listeners would ask why they aren’t a couple and them resenting the idea. Basically, I’ll miss everything! Here’s to one of the best tandems I’ll never forget!

  7. KD is Smart’s Newest Endorser

    I swear. I might actually consider switching to Smart. MVP is amazing.

    From PinoyTechBlog
    KD’s one of the best players in the NBA and Smart is very lucky to have him endorse Smart Bro. Heard that they’re also coming up with a new stick to battle Tattoo’s Lamborghini stick. Yey to fast internet!!
  8. itsallaboutbostonceltics:

The Truth!

IT&#8217;S STILL ABOUT 18!


    The Truth!


    (Source: clarkchuasdfghjkl, via celticsblog)

  9. We STILL Believe!!

    We STILL Believe!!

  10. <a href='http://entertainment.msn.com/video/?videoId=5rdqv1i&from={from}' target='_new' title='&#39;New Year&#39;s Eve&#39; movie trailer' >Video: &#39;New Year&#39;s Eve&#39; movie trailer</a>

    Ashton Kutcher. Zac Efron. Lea Michelle you are one lucky lady.

    Taking star-studded to the next level! Looks better than Valentine’s Day!